With Easter coming up, I finally decided to revisit one of Kristal’s ideas from 6 years ago, which was a bunny rabbit that would poop chocolate eggs. I know, right? It’s a super fun idea. This time, I decided to take a completely mechanical approach (the original was designed around the LEGO BOOST robotics kit), and with the LEGO White Rabbit set (31133) being currently available, I decided to use that model as a starting point.

It has a capacity of three chocolates, and dispenses (poops) one out every time you press down on the head. You can see it in action in the video below, and continue reading to find all the information needed to build your own.


I’ve tried it with a few different types of chocolates, including Hershey’s kisses and some generic Easter eggs (see demonstration video).

With the smaller candy eggs, you can fit more than 3, but you will get unpredictable results. Most of the time that means you’ll just get the occasional double poop, but sometime they will jam the mechanism. It works most reliably with 1 candy per level of the mechanism.

I’m sure it could work with even smaller candies as well, but I have not tested that. Obviously, the ‘eggs’ can’t be too large either. I think the larger chocolate eggs I’m using in the video are about as large as you can go.

Rabbit Design

I was able to reuse many of the design elements from the original White Rabbit set, including the rear legs, paws, ears and most of the head. The body obviously had to be redesigned to house the mechanism, but I was able to retain the same overall body shape. If you own the set, you will already have roughly half of the parts needed to build it.

If you visit this Rebrickable page, you can compare the inventory for this model to the original set, to easily see which additional pieces you will need to build it.


The mechanism is quite simple, with a set of 3 tiered levels that each hold one candy. When you press down on the bunny’s head, it pushes a shuttle, which in turn pushes the each candy down to the next level. The candy on the lowest level is pushed out of the tail flap.