The Levittown Library held a free all day event centered on LEGO! Library patrons were able to participate in various LEGO themed activities such as LEGO Tabletop Crafts, LEGO Jewelry Making, LEGO Guessing Jars and viewings of The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Movie 2. There were also events organized by members of I LUG NY. Our members supplied the event with our 2×4 play bricks in various colors, ran Speed Champions Speed Builds and of course, shared our love for the brick with our LEGO MOC Exhibit.

I LUG NY members, new to the group and veteran builders alike displayed a wide variety of models including mosaics, space, botanicals, micropolis, city, Brickheadz, Star Wars, and castle! We had a great time speaking with the attendees who were very complimentary of what they experienced at the library.

Set up for this event began Friday afternoon and then continued Saturday morning. I LUG NY has seen an uptick in membership recently and it was amazing to see our newer members contribute so many MOCs to the group’s exhibit. The newer members outnumbered the longtime members roughly 3:1 so this meany that many of the builds were not only new to the public but new to club members as well.

Here are some highlights of the exhibit. We had a great time at Levittown and can’t wait to participate again next year!

Mosaics by Nicole, Brian W, Jeremy and Tyson (Photo credit: Eyal)
Castle and Medieval Village by Eyal (Photo credit: Eyal)
Tensegrity Floating Castle by Alex (Photo credit: Eyal)
Part of the new Garden Collaborative I LUG NY members are creating.
(Photo credit: Eyal)
More of our Garden Collaborative (Photo credit: Eyal)
More Garden Collaborative Builds (Photo credit: Marielle)
Tiny Plants entries for March’s Monthly Build Challenge
(Photo Credit: Marielle)
I LUG NY Painted Billboard (Photo Credit: Marielle)
I LUG NY Brick Built Sign (Photo Credit: Marielle)
I LUG NY Up-Scaled Minifigure Set
(Photo Credit: Marielle)
Botanical Gardens (Photo Credit: Marielle)
Moonbase! (Photo Credit: Marielle)
Moonbase (Photo Credit: Eyal)
Moonbase (Photo Credit: Eyal)
Micropolis (Photo Credit: Marielle)
Modular Row (Photo Credit: Marielle)
Arcade (Photo Credit: Marielle)