The First to 25 Challenges have Commenced!

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The Challenges

Creative Critics

The first Creative Critic to write 25 Replies to Building Entry Topics (that aren’t their own) will WIN a 25€ LEGO set of their choice.

Please ensure you have Registered as a Creative Critic so we know you’re participating.

First to 25 Challenge: Creative Critic Prizes

On your journey to the Grand Prize, take a stab at some smaller Prizes along the way

Building Categories

The first Building Entrant to attract 25 Replies to one of their Building Entry Topics will WIN a 25€ LEGO set of their choice.

First to 25 Challenge: Building Entrant Prizes

After submitting your entries, stick around and discuss them – you might WIN a Prize


  • Posts made prior to Commencement of the Challenges will not be included in your Objective’s Post Count.
  • Double Posting or Replying to your own Entry Topics won’t count towards your Objective’s Post Count.
  • You may Participate if you haven’t made any previous Posts.
  • Participation does not obligate you to keep participating – retire from the Contest at any time.

What Do I Do When I Reach 25 Posts/Replies?

The Classic Pirates Crew will be monitoring but to ensure you’re noticed first, bring it to everyone’s attention by tagging a Crew Member ASAP!

First to 25 tag example

Just Tag or Quote a Crew Member and they’ll come a runnin’

And if you’re unfamiliar with how that’s done, sail by the LEGO Pirates Forum right  now and the Classic Pirates will show yer the ropes.

What Do Yer Think?

The race is on!  Can you get there first?

Prizes for the First to 25 Challenges of The Infamous Steve Contest

Yes, you can enter both challenges… and WIN TWO Prizes!

Act fast before someone else claims the Prizes!

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