We realise not everyone has time to participate in the entire contest.

So we’re introducing an exciting new way to WIN Prizes without the long term commitment!

Participation Challenges provide you the opportunity to WIN Prizes throughout the contest, rather than waiting until the very end.

All you need to do is complete a specified Objective.

Objective: First to 25 Challenges

How hard is it to reach 25 Posts? Perfect spelling and grammar not required!

Prizes for the First to 25 Challenges of The Infamous Steve Contest

How does 25€ LEGO sets as Prizes for your first Participation Challenge sound?

Yes, you can enter both challenges if you so choose… and WIN TWO Prizes!

Creative Critic

The first Creative Critic to write 25 Replies to Building Entry Topics will WIN a 25€ LEGO set of their choice.

First to 25 Challenge: Creative Critic Prizes

On your journey to the Grand Prize, take a stab at some smaller Prizes along the way

Building Categories

The first Building Entrant to attract 25 Replies to one of their Building Entry Topics will WIN a 25€ LEGO set of their choice.

First to 25 Challenge: Building Entrant Prizes

After submitting your entries, stick around and discuss them – you might WIN a Prize

More Challenges my be on the horizon…

Objective: Featured Threesome

June 15 is almost upon us so Entries will be open within a couple of days!

As further incentive to submit your Building Entries sooner rather than later, the first three entries Posted in the LEGO Pirate MOC Forum will be Featured for early Contest promotion… and bring external joy across the seas.

Featured Threesome mystery photo frames

Get your Building Entry featured early so it can be seen by millions of people!

Your Entry will be featured on the:

Please note this only applies to one Entry per Building Entrant, so if you submit multiple Entries, only the first Entry will be Featured.

And remember, this is just for early Contest promotion to get the ball rolling, so nobody will be Featured for the entire Contest

So I Don’t Have to Participate for the Entire Contest?

Nope!  Even if you win a Participation Prize or get Featured you may sail off into the sunset never to return.

Participation Challenges provide opportunities for you to WIN Prizes throughout the contest, rather than having to wait until the very end.

Steve holding First to 25 Challenge Prizes

Retire at any time – but Steve wants to offer you more Prizes

These challenges open the playing field to those who can’t follow the contest for the entire duration, while offering dedicated entrants more chances to win!

Participate in both First to 25 Challenges if ye dare!

What Do Yer Think?

It’s a duel between you and your competitors!

Are you gonna take a stab at the First to 25 Challenges? Just one of the challenges? Or both?

First to 25: Steve beats Ironhook

Don’t miss your chance for an easy win!

Act early while there are fewer competitors because it will be easier to WIN!

Entries open June 15.

For more information be sure to read the Building Categories Overview and the Creative Critic Overview.