The Classic Pirates blog has covered MOCs built by passionate LEGO Pirates fans since the dawn of this website, but in the modern era we must shine a light on content creators with whopping, great big LEGO Pirate collections.

So today we present Stacey, founder of For Bricks And Giggles

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Who is For Bricks And Giggles?

Stacey is an aspiring content creator and AFOL entrepreneur based in the United States who produces video content spanning a range of LEGO themes, but with a particular fondness towards Classic Space, Castle and Pirates.

Stacey of For Bricks And Giggles with 6270 Forbidden Island

What does Stacey rank 6270 Forbidden Island?  Yer should already know by now!

She delivers frequent updates to her growing audience via Instagram and TikTok, while her YouTube channel offers longer videos of speed-builds and vlogs, like the video featured in this blog post.

Navigating the treacherous seas as content creator is no easy feat so Stacy has established some innovative ventures to keep bricks on the table.

LEGO Pirates on the For_Bricks and Giggles Etsy store

The experiment to grow LEGO Pirates in Petri dishes has been a success!
Buy one today!

In her BrickLink store you’ll discover a variety of minifigures and vintage parts, while her Etsy store offers a range of custom-made trinkets and ornaments.

Her merch store allows you to procure yer very own For Bricks and Giggles fashion – hoodies and T shirts are available in variety of comfortable sizes.

For all Stacey’s links in one convenient place, climb the For Bricks and Giggles Linktree like Spinoza discovering bananas.

Stacy writes:

From the For Bricks and Giggles YouTube Channel

Hello builders! My name is Stacey and I’ve been a LEGO® enthusiast for over 25 years! This [YouTube] channel is devoted to all things LEGO® including speed builds of my personal collection and occasional vlogs! I have had a BrickLink store for 5 years that specializes in minifigures and vintage parts. I also have an Etsy store for my custom ornaments made from LEGO® bricks with themes like classic space, castle, pirates and much much more! Consider purchasing a “For Bricks and Giggles” shirt in my merch store if you are a fan. Thanks for stopping by, hope you subscribe and enjoy my content!

So support For Bricks and Giggles today!

What Do Yer Think?

Do yer agree with Stacey’s selection?  Or would you rank these sets differently? Remember, this ranking is based on sets from Stacey’s collection, not the entirety of the LEGO Pirates theme. But let the Classic Pirates know if you have yer own LEGO Pirate set ranking video.

Stacy of For Bricks And Giggles holding Steve minifigure

Stacey has a Steve minifigure – do you?

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