We’re are planning our next BIG LEGO Pirate Contest with glorious prizes!

So we’d like to know what kind of theme would you inspire you to enter?

Aye, obviously “Pirates” be the LEGO theme but what kind of inspiration would yer like behind yer builds?

The Return of Classic Pirates contest focused upon remaking classic-style LEGO Pirate sets and dreaming up new ones, so now we’re looking for a new direction for the next contest.

What should that direction be?

Please note this survey is for market research purposes and does not strictly determine the direction of the next contest.

The Poll Choices

We’ve been flinging a few ideas around like a couple of monkeys from the Super Monkey Poop Fight video game so here’s what’s stuck…

Monkey Island Madness

Do you fight like a dairy farmer?

Screenshots from the Monkey Island video game franchise

Turn your favourite point and click adventure into a place the brick adventure!

Which Monkey Island game be yer favourite? Got a favourite character such as Guybrush Threepwood or LeChuck? Or someone more obscure like Morgan LeFlay?

Show everyone what a mighty pirate you are by building a MOC inspired by The Secret of Monkey Island video games.

Distant Waters

Want to sail beyond the waters of the usual Caribbean setting?

Illustrations of pirates from outside the Caribbean

What did Ching Shih, Stepan Rasin and Rahmah ibn Jabir al-Jalhami all have in common?

From the Barbary Corsairs to the pirates of the South China Sea, build a MOC inspired by seafaring scoundrels from far reaches of the world.

But this ain’t Ninjago, so set your creation prior to the 19th century.

Pirates of Pop Culture

Got a favourite fictional pirate?

Examples of pirates from pop culture

How many of these can you name?

Pirates have long captured the hearts and minds of the populace since Robert Louis Stevenson’s genre defining novel, Treasure Island was first published in 1883. These marauding rogues have since wormed their way into every form of entertainment imaginable!

Build a MOC inspired by pirates from your favourite film, video game, cartoon series, literary work or other media source.

The Infamous Steve

For many a year this minifigure was simply known as “The Merchant” who came sailing into the Imperial Trading Post onboard “The Cutter” and then later, mysteriously appears among Captain Redbeard’s crew on the Skulls Eye Schooner without explanation.

While The LEGO Group has recently acknowledged the nameSteve”, they never officially named the minifig in catalogues, box stories or tie-in media so we know nothing of his backstory – let’s change that!

Montage of Steve from the "Merchant Cutter"

Where did he come from? Where did he go? His name is Steve, NOT Cotton Eye Joe!

Where does Steve come from?  Are there more merchants who use the same insignia on their flags and sails? Do these merchant also have ships?  Larger ships than Steve?

How Steve did find himself onboard the Skulls Eye Schooner? And why has his cutter been commandeered by Soldiers at the newly renovated Eldoardo Fortress?

Build a MOC expanding upon Steve’s backstory… present… and future…

Including the Steve minifigure will NOT be mandatory, nor will including the cutter ship.  Steve can depicted at any age, wearing any clothes… on any ship or location… maybe when older he has a grey beard… or no beard at all… You decide!

I’ve Got a Better Idea!

Ok then, tell us!  If others like it, we may add it to the poll.

A LEGO Pirate Having Great Idea

This could be YOU!

But your suggestion must be relevant to LEGO Pirates and set in the Age of Discovery or Golden Age of Piracy (15th to 18th centuries).

So no suggestions involving:

  • Other LEGO themes, for example; Castle, Adventurers, Ninjago, Vikings, etc.
  • Cross-overs with modernity or futuristic elements, for example; 20th/21st century pirates, Steampunk, Sky Pirates, Space pirates, etc.
  • Entries focused solely on non-SYSTEM LEGO lines, for example; Duplo, Fabuland, Friends, Technic, etc. although borrowing specific elements may be acceptable.

How To Vote

POLL: The next BIG LEGO Pirates Contest

Which theme should it be?


Which theme would inspire you to WIN the next BIG LEGO Pirates Contest?

Click here to read detailed descriptions of each poll option.

Can I Vote in all Three Polls?

Aye go for it! Tell all yer friends to vote too!  In all three!

Just remember this survey is for market research purposes and does not strictly determine what our next contest will be.

But if an idea proves to be popular, the Classic Pirates would be fools not to pursue it!

Photography Credit

The Classic Pirates would like to send vast amounts of thanks and gratitude to Pirates016 for allowing us to use such beautiful photography.

Steve's merchant cutter at sunset

TIP: A real sunset does wonders for the presentation

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What Do Yer Think?

Do any of these choices inspire you to build?  Do you have a better content idea? What prizes would motivate you to win?

LEGO Pirate voting on beach

We’ve handed you the ballot paper so now it’s up to you!

Tell Classic Pirates which theme we should use for our next contest… how can we make it PHENOMENAL?

Cast your vote:

And after you’ve voted, share your thoughts on the next LEGO Pirates contest in the LEGO Pirates Forum or Classic Pirates Facebook Group.