Just a quick reminder that the BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 Questions & Answers Webinar will be held on 8 April, 2024 at 10AM Pacific time so be sure to Register Now!

This is YOUR chance to seek answers to the mysteries and wonders of Series 5 and the BrickLink Designer Program in general…

BrickLink Designer Program Series Webinar

Look how happy this is chap is while attending a webinar – you could be this happy too

Official Announcement

The official webinar webpage states:

Please join the BDP team to discuss the updates to Series 5 Submission Guidelines, learn design tips to help you model succeed and Q&A.

LESS THAN 24 hours to register!

What Do Yer Think?

Will you be attending the Series 5 Webinar?  Do yer plan to submit a design in this series? Is there anything yer dying to know about the BrickLink Designer Program?

Tell the Classic Pirates yer plans!  Also, if you attend the webinar, let us know how it went in the LEGO Pirates Forum.