Classic Pirates moderator, Evancelt is a creative bugger! Infamous for building innovations that incorporate DUPLO into the bases of SYSTEM MOCs, Evan be now launching a new venture to coincide with dawning of the third era of Brethren of the Brick Seas.

Rocky Mountain Minifigs is a range of third-party LEGO minifigure designs which re-use genuine LEGO elements that have been repackaged and/or altered from their original form.  So no infringement of intellectual property rights or shady manufacturing practices happening here!

Let’s see what’s on offer…

Rocky Mountain Minifigures Series 1: American Revolution

Here’s the Series 1 lineup

Along with infantry, you’ll observe a fine range of historic civilian minifigures – a much welcome addition to the LEGO Pirate collection or relevant building project.

Photos of Rocky Mountain Minifigs from Series 1

Photos of the actual product you’re purchasing

Start expanding your army today!

Evancelt writes:

We’ll be including 7 unique figures in the initial soft launch release of Rocky Mountain Minifigs series 1. You can stay up to date with release announcements at

Any part that LEGO makes is a genuine part (not a knockoff), and a few genuine parts were modified to make new part.

Torsos are UV prints on genuine LEGO torsos

The soft launch was 8PM Mountain Time / 10PM Eastern Time on Thursday, 29 February, 2024, so we’re well past that date now.

The Full Range of Minifigs

After the soft launch Rocky Mountain Minifigs expanded its range so let’s take a look at the wider range of items:

Rocky Mountain Minifigures: Series 1

Imagine populating your coastal harbour with these minifigs

Rocky Mountain Minifigures: Series 1

Or expanding your imperial forces

Be sure to visit for even more great minifigure designs and follow Rocky Mountain Minifigs on Instagram to keep informed of their latest products.

Upcoming Releases

But this is just the beginning! Now, let’s take a look at what the future holds…

The original Soldier and Imperial Guard torsos are highly sought after minifigure components, and pre-loved minfigs can fetch quite exhortation prices of the aftermarket.

Rocky Mountain Minifigs: Governor Torsos

Palette swapped governor/admiral torsos

Furthermore, as the years have rolled by, numerous MOCers and army builders have expressed strong interest in acquiring these designs in a variety of colours, beyond the traditional red and blue.

Rocky Mountain Minifigures - Soldier Torsos

Build armies for new military factions invented by yourself

Rocky Mountain Minifigs intends fulfill this demand by offering these torsos in a plethora of colours. Trusty red and blue torso are available, along with the highly requested orange and green variants. You’ll also find black, grey, light grey, magenta, pink, violet, navy and brown variants.

Magenta Admiral Torso variant

Do yer fancy a magenta governor or admiral?

WIN Rocky Mountain Minifigs

To coincide with Brethren of the Brick Seas’ (BoBS) transition from Era II to Era III, a series of building challenges will be held.

BoBS Era III Promotional Image for Challenge 1

Enter this challenge to WIN Rocky Mountain Minifigures

The first challenge; A Storm Brewing is underway until March 31, and offers you the chance to win one of four Rocky Mountain Minifigs.

Challenge 1 Prize: Rocky Mountain Minifigures by Faction

This be a digital illustration; but the prizes are minifigures made from REAL authentic LEGO

Each minifigure has been designed to correspond to the colours of one of the four BoBS factions;  Olen, Corrington, Eslandola and Sea Rats.

So if you love building MOCs, intertwined with a little role playing, be sure to investigate Challenge I further.

What Do Yer Think?

Do you think the Rock Mountain Minfig designs show promise? Which designs do you like the best?  Are there any minfigs you’d acquired for yourself?

Rocky Mountain Minifigs: Soldiers

Ready for recruitment!

Let Evan and the Classic Pirates know yer thoughts in the LEGO Pirates Forum.