‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the ship, not a creature was stirring, not even a…

YARRR… The Classic Pirates be no go at poems so here’s a round up of the new LEGO Pirate Christmas Creations we’ve encountered in 2023


"Christmas Time in the Caribbean" by Hendrik Uzume

It’s hard to find a Christmas tree in the Caribbean but Captain Redbeard did it!

Christmas Time in the Caribbean” by Hendrik Uzume


"Arrr... Where are my Presents?" by Pablo AFOL

At Christmas time LEGO Pirates put the rum down in exchange for beer

Arrr… Where are my Presents?” by Pablo AFOL


LEGO Pirate Christmas by Tobi Putzo

Each flag points in the direction of an Imperial Guard Christmas party

Meanwhile nearby…” by Tobi Putzo


LEGO Pirates Christmas by Rafdanzig

There sure is a lot of snow in the LEGO Caribbean at this time of year

Cześć robaczki! Ta ekipa wyrusza z prezentami w stronę świątecznego collabu z bandą Wilków Morskich w składzie

Hello bugs! This crew sets off with gifts towards a Christmas collab with a band of Sea Wolves in their lineup

@edgy_mando @pata_lego_pata @grzegorz_ignacy @lord.of.the.bricks

By Rafdanzig


LEGO Pirates Christmas By Dariolegoafol

As you can see it snows quite heavily in the tropics

By Dariolegoafol


LEGO Pirate Christmas by Matty Brick

Have you been keeping count of the number of teddy bears associated with these bloodthirsty pirates?

By Matty Brick

That’s Not Blasted AI is it?

The Classic Pirates hate to be the bearers of bad tidings…

LEGO Pirate Santa Screaming

This is a seemingly impossible pose for a LEGO minifigure

Aye the Featured Image of this Blog Post emerged from the ungodly recesses of a machine.

The Classic Pirates prefer to use images created by humans but we have a limited crew… so on top of writing blog posts, we simply don’t have time to build vignettes and custom minifgs, photograph them, and then edit in backgrounds.  Otherwise, authoring posts would take months, and we’d have fewer posts than we currently do!

Our focus is featuring your creations, not our own.  But we’re hoping a loyal soul rescues us from the evil AI!  So, if you’d like to fulfill Minifigure Creation Duty, we have just the job for you.

About the Builders…

The MOCs featured in this Blog Post were created by the loyal followers of the Classic Pirates Facebook Group and Instagram account.  So definitely give both of those a follow if you’d like to see more great creations or interact with the builders.

What Do Yer Think?

What are yer thoughts on the 2023 LEGO Pirate Christmas creations?  Have we missed one?  Do you have a Pirate Chrismassy creation of yer own you’d like to share?

December 25 is fast approaching so yer better get to the LEGO Pirates Forum post-haste in case there are more goodies waiting for yer there.