Brickmaniacs! As we continue our weekly schedule of cranking out the world’s finest custom military creations, we’ve decide to use these Wednesday correspondences to give weekly updates for what you can expect come Friday! Please note, all releases and specials are subject to change.

First off, the M10 Wolverine and Churchill Crocodile are now available for download as Digital Building Instructions!

Next up, this week’s featured preorders include…

Sikorsky® CH-53E Super Stallion® – US Marines Heavy Lift Helicopter: Through Monday you can designate a custom squadron for printing on your build! This is the ONLY time this upgrade will be available with this kit.

Fokker Dr.1 – Red Baron’s WWI Fighter: Through Monday get a FREE custom printed box cover of this kit printed on genuine LEGO as a gift with purchase – perfect to showcase with minifigs!

The limited-edition Marder II Coal Thief and Panhard VB2L Mistral will soon be shipping to stores and for online orders! Some copies still remain! Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Also arriving to stores and shipping online this week – the Micro Brick Battle Normandy Battle Box, WWII 2nd Rangers at Point Du Hoc custom minifig, Pride torsos, and Trans Pride torsos! It all hits the web FRIDAY at 8:00 AM CDT!