Friday has arrived! And with it, the limited-edition Marder II “Kohlenklau” and 2-in-1 Panhard VB2L Mistral preorders! Plus, the new WWII Japanese Infantry with Perfect Caliber™ Arisaka, SPH-4 Flying Helmet, and Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® Type 99 LMG! Be sure to place your preorder by 4/14/24 to be guaranteed a copy!

Remember! We’re just days from the 2nd anniversary celebration in sunny California NEXT WEEKEND! Join us from 11-3 on 4/20 at Brickmania Miramar and from 10-2 on 4/21 at Brickmania Mare Island!

Here’s what you can expect at each event…

Meet the Brickmania Crew and celebrate another year in CA! This event will debut the new Apocalypse Ranger retail/road store exclusive custom minifig complete with Perfect Caliber™ Anti-Materiel BrickArms® HCSR!

Plus, a custom printed event brick FREE with a purchase of $50 or more. You can also save $50 with a purchase of $300 or more at both locations during open hours all weekend long.

But that’s not all! This event will also debut the new Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® MiniNuke – available at retail locations or at the road store! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure all locations receive stock.

Finally, if all that isn’t enough, the road store will be arriving with an exclusive Build-A-Rando station that includes access to tons of rare custom made and custom printed minifig parts and accessories.

We’ll see you there!