12 Deals of Christmas Drop 4

The final drop is upon us.  Starting Cyber Monday at 8 am, we will be reinstating ALL OF THE DAILY DEALS from this campaign (reviewed below), plus some special product drops!

THE RANDO HORDE 2023 Edition

The Rando HordeAn ever popular byproduct of Brickmania’s constant minifig experimentation, the Rando Horde are a collection of one-of-a-kind UV printed legs, torsos, heads, BrickArms®, gear, and more. Each Rando has been uniquely assembled by the Rando Mages for the creation of his post-apocalyptic cyborg horde of doom! No two of the Rando Horder are exactly alike, and many of them contain rare artwork and BrickArms® gear that are either out of production or were exclusively available with a Brickmania kit. Now’s you chance to claim one (or several) Randos of your own and revel in the grandeur of your own one-of-a-kind custom minifig!


These go live Monday November 27, 8am to midnight Central Time


Kfz 4 with Twin AA Mount




M142 HIMARS® – High Mobility Artillery Rocket System®


NOTE: The SitRep was recorded before word that the Rando Horde was ready, nor did we yet have the idea of bringing back all of the daily deals. Things change so let’s roll with it!