Time for another dose of Sunday deals from Amazon Australia. I am going to keep this one simple because there are some decent percentage discounts listed. The list below is every set over 40% off.

71420 LEGO® Super Mario™ Rambi The Rhino Expansion Set 71420 Building Toy Set; Collectible Playset to Combine with a Starter Course for Stomping, Rock-Smashing Fun $10.00 View $18.99 47%
41751 LEGO® Friends Skate Park 41751 Building Toy Set; Creative Play for Ages 6+; with 3 Mini-Dolls $45.00 View $79.99 44%
60392 LEGO City Police Bike Car Chase 60392 Building Toy, Playset for Kids Aged 5+ Who Love Imaginative Play $9.00 View $15.99 44%
10415 LEGO® DUPLO My First Big Feelings & Emotions 10415 Customisable Toy, 23 Coloured Building Bricks and 4 Characters, Social and Emotional Play for Preschoolers Aged 18 Months Old and Over $22.95 View $39.99 43%
43223 LEGO® Disney Princess Asha in The City of Rosas 43223 Building Toy Set; A Buildable Model to Inspire Adventures and Creative Play; A Fun Set from The Upcoming Film, for Kids and Fans Aged 6 and Over $20.00 View $34.99 43%
71807 LEGO® NINJAGO® Sora’s Elemental Tech Mech 71807 Adventure Toy Set for Kids with Customisable Figure and Sora Minifigure,for Boys and Girls Aged 7 Years Old and Over $19.95 View $34.99 43%
10982 LEGO® DUPLO® My First Fruit and Vegetable Tractor 10982 Building and Learning Toy Set; Lets Kids Aged 18 Months and Over Role-Play Harvesting Fruit and Vegetables $18.75 View $32.99 43%
71790 LEGO® NINJAGO® Imperium Dragon Hunter Hound 71790 Building Toy Set, Monster Figure,Posable Mythical Creature $20.25 View $34.99 42%
76255 LEGO® Super Heroes The New Guardians’ Ship 76255 Building Toy Set; Spaceship and 5 Minifigures from Marvel Studios’ Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3; Play-and-Display; for Kids Aged 10+ $95.00 View $159.99 41%
43224 LEGO® Disney Princess King Magnifico’s Castle 43224 Building Toy Set; for Kids Aged 7 and Over to Play Out Favourite Scenes from Disney’s Wish; Inspire Unlimited Fun with a Detailed Palace $89.95 View $149.99 40%
76214 LEGO® Super Heroes Marvel Black Panther: War on The Water 76214 Building Toy Set;Wakanda Forever Super Hero playset for Kids Aged 8+ $77.97 View $129.99 40%
10423 LEGO® DUPLO Town Buildable People with Big Emotions 10423 Building Toy for Ages 3 and Over, 5 Characters with 10 Role-Play Faces, 71 Bricks for Mix-and-Match Customisable Fun $47.95 View $79.99 40%
71804 LEGO® NINJAGO® Arin’s Battle Mech 71804 Ninja Toy Set for Kids with Arin Minifigure and Katana Sword Accessory,for Boys and Girls Aged 4 Years Old and Over $15.00 View $24.99 40%
42606 LEGO® Friends Mobile Bakery Food Cart 42606 Toy Playset,Cooking Toy for Kids, Girls and Boys Aged 6 Years and Over, Aliya and Jules Mini-Dolls, Aira Dog Figure $9.00 View $14.99 40%
60410 LEGO® City Fire Rescue Motorcycle 60410 Firefighter Toy Playset for Kids Aged 4 Plus Years, Includes a Motorbike and 2 Minifigures,Imaginative Play for Boys and Girls $9.00 View $14.99 40%
71802 LEGO® NINJAGO® Nya’s Rising Dragon Strike 71802 Toy, Ninja Action Figure Playset with NYA Minifigure, Building Set for Kids,for Boys and Girls Aged 6 Years Old and Over $9.00 View $14.99 40%
71803 LEGO® NINJAGO® Arin’s Rising Dragon Strike 71803 Ninja Toy Set for Kids with Arin Minifigure and Katana Sword Accessory for Boys and Girls Aged 4 Years Old and Over $9.00 View $14.99 40%