It is almost April 1st and you would be a fool to not check out what is being released. It’s not a big month in terms of volume of sets but this is definitely a case of quality over quantity. Here’s what you need to be checking out.

Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon’s Tale 21348

Get your dice ready for a LEGO D&D adventure.

Batman The Animated Series Gotham City 76271

The beautiful gothic world of animated Gotham City is captured in this three dimensional mosaic.

Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica Orange 42196

It’s not the huge technic supercars people go crazy for but it’s a solid reproduction at a reasonably affordable price.

Space Research Rover 42602

Words fail to articulate how much I love this set. The colours. The retrofuturistic aesthetic. It’s amazing.

Carousel Ride 40714

A smaller set for fun fair enthusiasts.

Space Science Lab 60439

A new addition to the 2024 LEGO Space lineup.

You can find each set via these links [affiliate links]

In-store buying

If you would like to pick up these sets in-store from your local AG LEGO Certified Store then you may want to pre-order for click and collect tomorrow. You can find each set via the links below. [affiliate links]