Happy March 10th, or as some people like to call it Mario Day. LEGO has marked the occasion this year by revealing a couple of new sets and a tease for something coming out next year.

New electronic Mario sets

Sorry minifigure fans. LEGO hasn’t revealed new minifigure scale sets. Instead there are a couple of new additions for the electronic Mario/Luigi/Peach figures.

71437 The Bowser Express Train – $199.99

71436 King Boo’s Haunted Mansion – $119.99

71435 Battle with Roy at Peach’s Castle – $99.99

All three sets are released in August. If past Mario sets are any indication they will be on deep discount by October.

Mario Kart Tease

If you thought announcing August sets in March was a bit premature then this one is really going to blow your mind. LEGO Mario Kart sets are coming in 2025. The teaser posted on LEGO’s socials indicates that these sets will still be designed for the electronic figures. It might be possible to adapt these into display pieces but we will have to wait until we get a full reveal to assess that.