Series 25 Collectible Minifigures have started to appear around the country and all reports seem to indicate that Australian stock features the small data matrix code instead of the larger QR code.

What does this mean? LEGO fans around the world figured out that LEGO started including a larger QR code on minifigure boxes that correlated with the contents. This allowed people to get the figure they wanted.

The large QR code replaced a small data matrix that does not seem to reliably reveal the contents.

This is pretty shit news for Australian fans. With the figures only being released in February here instead of January I had hoped we’d get later batches that had the large QR code. Unfortunately it seems that is not the case.

So far all of the reports that I have seen come from large retailers such as Kmart, so there is a remote chance that other retailers still awaiting stock may get different units. That’s more just wishful thinking than anything solid.

I have reached out to Michael from Outer Rim Trading Co who advised me that his minifigures are still on the way, but hopefully he will be able to check which codes are on the boxes.

If you spot some Series 25 minifigures in the wild please take note of the QR code and let me know what you see. The image above is the smaller QR code.

Bricking Around Minifigure Scanner

Thanks to the work of Bricking Around reader Madusha I was able to set up a Series 25 minifigure scanner web app. Unfortunately this won’t work with the smaller codes but if you happen to spot a large QR code give it a go.

Thanks to Richie from PerthLUG for taking a picture of his minifigures for me.