You may have spotted a unique LEGO® Technic set to appear on Brickset’s database. Well, it’s part of a brand new LEGO Magazine that has launched in the UK this week, well it’s a little more confusing than that. As you’ll know different LEGO themes inspire various magazines. They include two titles which focus on different themes in each issue. The Special Edition line switches between NINJAGO Legacy and Batman. Whilst LEGO Discover has only featured LEGO DREAMZzz until now. The latest LEGO Discover issue features LEGO Technic and a unique covermounted set. Inside the magazine, you’ll find interviews with LEGO Designers and other technical features, it’s certainly aimed towards slightly older LEGO fans compared to other LEGO titles.

LEGO Technic Magazine 100907048~3

LEGO Technic Magazine 101105307~5

LEGO Technic Magazine 101130050

Previous LEGO Technic magazines have been released under the Ultimate or XXL banners and have featured polybag sets. This new issue includes Wrecking Ball Crane packaged in the same style of paper bags as the other LEGO titles. It’s expected that future LEGO Discover magazines will switch between themes including DREAMZzz, Technic and DUPLO. To confuse matters more the LEGO Technic magazine has been published under issue numbers elsewhere. In the UK, this is LEGO Discover Issue 6 – LEGO Technic Issue 1.

LEGO Technic Magazine 102312031~3

LEGO Technic Magazine 102327777

LEGO Technic Magazine 101221243

Future issues will also include unique Technic sets, with the next LEGO Technic magazine due to feature a 56-piece Heavy Lift Helicopter minibuild.

LEGO Technic Magazine 101035043

Regular readers will know, that BricksFanz has a long history with the LEGO Magazine range and I’m working on making that coverage a little better, which could include some special offers from readers, so stay tuned.

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