This week has seen a number of new LEGO® sets inadvertently revealed. The most exciting of which are two LEGO Star Wars inspired by the Disney+ Rebuild the Galaxy series. Of course, being Star Wars, the sets have caused some upset, my favorite of the complaints is ‘who asked for this?’ and ‘why they have made (insert extremely obscure ship here) instead?’. You have to give it Star Wars ‘fans’ at least they are consistent. We also got another look at the upcoming LEGO Horizon game. Which is also causing some division with mostly games journalists, who also can’t seem to grasp why it exists. Obviously unaware at how big of release the Tallneck set was. You can currently get one of two free LEGO sets including the oddly popular ‘tribute’ set inspired by Jules Verne. Catch up all the latest LEGO news below.

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