With restrictions eased and travel back to pre-COVID levels, LEGO® House is preparing for a record-breaking Summer. The Billund-based attraction has seen increased bookings from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. If you haven’t experienced LEGO House, it’s celebration of all things related to the LEGO Group. Including a museum highlighting classic sets, wonderful displays and interactive attractions. Learn more below.


LEGO House expects another record-breaking summer with visitors from all over the world

LEGO House is all set for a playful summer and expects another record-breaking season. Pre-bookings for June to August are up over 25% compared to last year. Fans of LEGO play will visit Billund from all over the world.

LEGO House is well prepared for yet another busy summer with Play Agents ready to welcome fans of all ages to discover the LEGO universe full of playful activities in the heart of Billund.

Pre-bookings for June to August are up over 25% compared to last year.

International bookings are more important than ever, with the biggest hitters being the UK, Germany, and Netherlands.

The biggest growth in bookings for 2024 vs 2023 are across the UK, Poland and Spain.

So far in 2024, LEGO House has seen visitors from 95 countries across the world.

‘We expect to have yet another record-breaking season and we strongly encourage guests to book their visit in advance including visit to our playful restaurant MiniChef,’ says LEGO House managing director Kathrine Kirk Muff.

June 2024, LEGO® House in Billund: Rain or shine, LEGO House remains a top destination year-round, but particularly during the summer holidays when international tourists and Danish visitors alike flock to this popular attraction in Billund. And this year is no different.

“We are fully prepared for the summer season. With our Play Agents ready, our new interactive activity ‘Build the Change’, a new multi-sensory experience in our History Collection, and many more exciting features, we assure all guests hours of play and fun. The pre-bookings indicate that we have a busy summer ahead at LEGO House, so I encourage everyone to secure their spot by booking in advance, to ensure nobody is left disappointed. We are securing a world-class experience every day by limiting number of tickets to ensure it’s not too crowded.” says Kathrine Kirk Muff, Managing Director of LEGO House.

“Although we’re delighted that we will be busy over summer, we always protect the experience for our guests by limiting capacity of people in the Experience Zones, so that everyone who comes to LEGO House has the very best time.”

The main attraction this year is the highly interactive “Build the Change,” launched in February 2024. This ambitious new activity aims to give children a voice in shaping their dream future. It mobilizes creativity, encouraging kids to build solutions to real-world challenges in a playful LEGO environment. The scenography of this activity and the way it motivates creativity is, in itself, totally awesome.

Providing great experiences for all

LEGO House is the first attraction in the Nordics to achieve the KultureCity certification – a real positive change for visitors with sensory needs who otherwise may feel nervous or hesitant about visiting. The certification is a natural extension of the Sunflower Lanyard that LEGO House joined in 2021.

While the Sunflower Lanyard primarily is used as a signal to indicate to other guests or staff that one may need extra support, time, or patience, the initiatives that accompany the KultureCity certification are more concrete and include physical aids. A significant aspect is the crucial training of employees to equip us to create the best conditions for providing a great experience for all our guests.

Among the physical improvements made as part of achieving the certification, LEGO House provides loanable bags, which function as small support kits that visitors can take with them around the House.

“Providing great play experiences for all has been an integral part of our mission since opening in 2017. Striving to become an even greater inclusive venue is an ongoing effort but this year we are proud to have reached significant milestones, including obtaining KultureCity certification as the first venue in Denmark. The certification underscores our commitment to ensuring all guests, including guests with special needs, feel welcomed,” says Kathrine Kirk Muff.

LEGO House has also installed a changing space – a fully accessible restroom with a hoist, changing benches and shower facilities. These assistive devices are essential for some guests and the special toilet will enable a new group of guests and their families to enjoy LEGO House.

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