For several years TT Games held the exclusive licence to create LEGO games. However, due to the troubled development of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and reports of poor working conditions at the UK studio, the LEGO Group opened up the ability for other developers to create LEGO video games. Along with the high profile introduction of LEGO Fortnite, the LEGO Group also signed a deal with 2K Games to create various titles. When rumours first began of the deal it was suggested there was a racing game, football game and another game based on one of 2K’s popular licenced sports titles in development.

Since then we’ve seen LEGO 2K Drive. Soon after it’s release, rumblings of the aforementioned football game began, with the title being called LEGO 2K Goooal! Around the same time a Polybag featuring a shark-like football player called Finnius Dash emerged, the game was rated by the Korean games board and even a product page along with key art for the game, was accidentally uploaded to the PlayStation Store. That’s the last we’ve heard of the game. Many expected it to be released alongside last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup and when that didn’t happened it was suggested the game would arrive alongside the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament which begins today. Although the game has never been officially confirmed, the artwork and polybag all but suggest it’s real, so why hasn’t it been announced or released yet?

There are several reason why the game is MIA, the reception to LEGO 2K Drive was mixed. Whilst many enjoyed the core games’ gameplay and tone, the costly special editions and in-game purchases were criticized. There was also recent news that Take Two, the parent company of 2K Games had cancelled several in-development projects, which could include LEGO 2K Gooooal!. Plus the rumoured dev studio behind the game, Sumo Digital, has also cut staff. Another rumour suggests 2K have gained the official FIFA license, previously held by EA. This gives them access to official tournaments, leagues, players, clubs and stadiums, meaning 2K could be reworking their LEGO title to benefit from the FIFA license alongside the release of a realistic FIFA game. So although the game certainly exists, despite any sort of official reveal, it’s anyone’s guess if the game will ever be released.

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