Fortnite is due to be updated later this week and LEGO® Fortnite will gain two new play modes, adjustments and new LEGO Styles for existing characters. Joining Survival and Sandbox modes will be the Cozy mode and Expert Mode. Cozy mode is a little more chilled compared to the currently Survival mode. In Cozy mode, you’ll find it easier to build and not have to worry about eating, maintaining your temperature or facing enemies. You can also choose to keep your inventory should you get eliminated. All default settings in Cozy mode can be changed to suit your play experience. If you fancy a real challenge, you can choose to tackle Expert mode, which isn’t for the faint-hearted. Expert mode, turns the difficulty up to 11 with stronger ‘storm-wild’ enemies and permanent elimination. If you fall during battle, it’s game over and you’ll need to enter a new world to continue. There is the ability to craft a Totem of Return but you’ll need to fell a ‘storm-wild’ creature first. Those brave enough to take on an Expert adventure will earn a trio of in-game trophies. The update will also see over 100 Fortnite character skins gain LEGO Styles. Learn more here and look out for some more unique LEGO Styles being revealed later this week.

LEGO Fortnite Expert Trophies

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