The name Jedi Bob has become legendary among LEGO® fans. He recently became headline news thanks to the announcement of the latest animated Disney+ special. But why exactly is this special Jedi so special? Long before he became an official part of the LEGO Star Wars universe, Jedi Bob, was just a mere nameless Jedi, featured in the LEGO Star Wars set, 7163: Republic Gunship. Released in 2002, the set featured a Low Altitude Assault Transport Gunship with two Clone Troopers and a generic Jedi Knight. Although not based on any particular Jedi from the films or expanded media, this nameless Jedi was soon given the moniker ‘Bob’ by LEGO fans.


It would be a few years later before the name gained traction, thanks to the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary published by DK Books. The 2009 edition of the book featured a small boxout dubbed ‘Mystery Jedi’ The accompanying text noted that at the end of the Clone Wars when the Jedi Temple was razed to the ground following Order 66, many records were lost and this mystery Jedi could or could not have been named Bob.

LEGO Star Wars Updated Visual Dictionary Review

Jedi Bob’s legendary status was cemented this week thanks to the first teaser trailer for the latest animated Disney+ LEGO Star Wars special, Rebuild the Galaxy. This will see Jedi Bob traverse an oddly different galaxy far, far away. Here, things have been rebuilt in strange new ways. Although not officially announced, rumours suggest Jedi Bob will be featured in at least one upcoming set based on the LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy Disney+ series.

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