Four of the LEGO® Advent Calendars set to be released for the 2024 countdown to Christmas have now been revealed and they once again include LEGO City, LEGO Friends and LEGO Harry Potter. This year will see a LEGO Disney-themed Advent Calendar added to the line. I’ll only be showing the boxes as the whole idea of an advent calendar is to be surprised by its daily offerings. But if you want to see their content head to via the links below. I assume the Star Wars and Marvel Advent calendars will be added at a later date, the four below have been revealed extremely early as we normally get the first look at them in August.

A brand new theme joins this year’s line-up with a LEGO Disney-themed Advent Calendar. This will be similar to the Friends one, with similar mini builds and mirco-dolls. Five female Disney characters will be included as micro-dolls along with some animal figures. Click here for the product page.


The LEGO City Advent Calendar will include the usual mix of city-themed mini-builds and minifigures. There’s a new collection of festive jumper-style torsos and a dog figure wearing a jumper. Plus the set offers the first look at a new pushchair/stroller element. Click here for the product page.


The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar focuses more on buildable elements with only two mini-dolls and micro-dolls featured in it. The idea seems to be you’ll create a family’s Christmas adventure as you open each door.  Click here for the product page.


The LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar has an impressive amount of minifigures along with various minibuilds which can be added to other Wizarding World sets such as house statues and Christmas deorations. Click here for the product page.


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