UK NINJAGO fans can now watch the first 10 episodes of the second season of LEGO® NINJAGO: Dragon’s Rising on ITVX. The free streaming service from ITV has all 10 episodes of the new series along with the first season, should you want to catch up before tackling the new episodes. ITVX can be found online, as an app on smart devices and set-up boxes such as Sky or Virgin Media. It can also be streamed on game consoles and smart TVs.

  • 1. The Blood Moon – The Ninja encounter a new Elemental Master in league with an old enemy.
  • 2. Shattered Dreams – The Ninja defend the Cloud Kingdom from Ras and see firsthand the power of his new weapon.
  • 3. Beyond the Phantasm Cave – Reeling from their recent defeat, Lloyd leads the Ninja in a search for a new master
  • 4. Force From the East – The Ninja’s search to defeat Shatterspin leads them to new masters.
  • 5. The Spell at the Waterfall – While the Ninja train under the Dragon Masters, Cole and Zane learn Bonzle’s true nature.
  • 6. To Mysterium – Cole, Zane, and Bonzle chart a treacherous course to Mysterium.
  • 7. Fugitives From Madness – Cole and Zane deliver Bonzle to her creator in Mysterium and discover they were followed.
  • 8. Secrets of the Wyldness – Cole, Zane, and the Sorceress attempt to lead Bonzle to safety.
  • 9. The Forest of Spirits – Kai, Sora, and Wyldfyre infiltrate the Shadow Dojo as Ras begins the Blood Moon Ritual.
  • 10. Rising Ninja – All roads lead the ill-prepared Ninja to confront Ras as he enacts the Blood Moon Ritual.

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