The latest series of LEGO® Minifigures are due to be released on May 1st and you can pre-order a full set now. The new series features 12 original Space-themed LEGO characters to collect. They include Orion, M-Tron Powerlifter, Blacktron Mutant, Ice Planet Explorer, Retro Space Heroine Alien Beetlezoid, Spacewalking Astronaut, Alien Tourist, Robot Butler, Nurse Android, Flying Saucer Costume Fan and the Imposter. If you want to guarantee yourself a full set of 12 minifigures, you can pre-order them now from The Minifigure Store. You can pre-order a full set of Series 26 LEGO Minifigures here. Yes, they are more than their RRP but at least you can save yourself tracking down scanable boxes.

71046 LEGO Minifigures Series 26 Group

71046 LEGO Minifigures Space 1

71046 LEGO Minifigures Space 2

71046 LEGO Minifigures Space 3

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