Happy Easter and if you haven’t eaten yourself into a chocolate fuelled food coma, it’s time for an Easter Sunday Weekly Recap. The big news this week was the unexpected reveal of the Space-themed LEGO® Minifigure series. As with all new LEGO reveals, opinions have been split on the upcoming collection of characters. I think they look fun. LEGO Fortnite continues to be an important new avenue for the LEGO Group, with a new vehicle update and impressive LEGO Styles added this week. With a new month about to begin, there are some great new sets being released including Insiders Early Access to both the DnD set and the Batman Gotham City display. Finally, I’m all for championing fellow LEGO fans and their endeavours but recently I’ve noticed another site basically copying BricksFanz output. They don’t copy word for word but they certainly copy the features and without any credit. It’s one reason I’ve started to publish some rather mundane articles, just to see if they too would be replicated. I’d expect certain LEGO news to be widely covered however others show is so random it can only have been copied. I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but when I’ve spent hours researching something for it to be used elsewhere is a little annoying. If something isn’t important enough to credit it’s certainly shouldn’t be copied. Rant over! Catch up on all the latest LEGO news and reviews below.

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