Ahead of the official LEGO® Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set later today, I thought it would be the perfect time to see how you can expand your forthcoming adventures with other sets from other LEGO themes. For many years, DnD fans have used LEGO elements to craft their characters and the upcoming set is expected to act as a central point for players to use in DnD campaigns. But your adventures don’t have to stop with the Ideas set, there are plenty of other sets, which are currently available and would make a starting point to expand and enhance quests to Baldur’s Gate and beyond.

LEGO Icons

LEGO Icons has a trio of great sets which could easily transform into points of interest for DnD campaigns. Rivendell is a glorious set inspired by another much-loved fantasy world, but this Elven realm could double as a place of reflection in DnD. Both the Lion Knights’ Castle and Medieval Town Square aren’t as fantastical as some of the other sets featured here, but they would be great base sets to transform into places fit for any DnD campaign.




LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas will be home to the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons set but previous sets designed by fan builders could expand their DnD quests. The Vikings and Disney Witches aren’t the first things you’d think of in terms of DnD, but their sets are great places to transform into DnD locations. The Sanderson’s Cottage is loaded with magical goodies and Viking Village could become an interesting place to explore.



LEGO Harry Potter

The Wizarding World is already a magic-focused place but these two sets are great bases to become places in the Forgotten Realm and beyond. The oddly coloured trees and creatures of the Forbidden Forest wouldn’t need much change to fit into a DnD quest and Hadrid’s Hut could be a great place for adventurers to begin their quests.




Every DnD quest needs to stop by a friendly market town to recoup and refill. These colourful little market huts could become a great place to find unexpecting magical items or a fancy to lute.


LEGO Monkie Kid

This rocky hideout would be the perfect base for Tabaxi to lie low and store their haul of ancient artefacts, relics and magic items, then discover the stories they hold.


LEGO Disney

The magical world of Disney’s fairytales may seem a long way from what DnD offers, but this quaint cottage could easily be filled with valuable resources for your party of players to stumble across as the Forgotten Realm.



The impressive Dragon Stone Shrine could be an amazing place to find one of the many dragons found in the planes of DnD or even a place of reflection for a Dragonborn player.


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