The LEGO Group are always researching ways in which kids express their creativity. The latest campaign is focused on the use of language to discuss being creative. As well as research into the field, they have released a short film called ‘More Than Perfect’, a new creative campaign called Play Unstoppable and will be holding workshop events in selected LEGO® stores and offering online tools. Learn more below.

Creativity Impacted by Pressure of Perfection and Language Bias

A new global study from the LEGO Group reveals girls feel intense pressure to be perfect and believe adults give boys more recognition for their creative work, with parents saying this trend continues into adulthood.

With three quarters of girls aspiring to work in creative industries, this underscores the need for urgent change. A new short film, ‘More Than Perfect’ spotlights the creative possibilities that are unlocked when girls are free to play unstoppable.

Free workshops online and in LEGO Retail stores launch to help families nurture creative confidence through the power of play and everyday language. Also launched today, a ‘10 Steps to Fostering Creative Confidence’ guide in collaboration with Harvard-trained parenting researcher and bestselling author, Jennifer B Wallace.

Committed to playing its part and driving systemic change, the company will partner with Save the Children and the LEGO Foundation to address some of these societal issues.

Billund – March 5th, 2024: The LEGO Group has today unveiled findings from new global research looking into societal trends affecting children’s creative confidence. It finds that the pressure of perfection and everyday vocabulary pose a risk, particularly for girls, in holding them back from reaching their full creative potential. The company hopes to spotlight that by simply adjusting our language, we can help shape a brighter future for girls.

Surveying over 61,500 parents and children aged 5-12 years old across 36 countries, the data calls for societal change to ensure girls can fulfil their creative aspirations and play unstoppable, with researchers finding girls as young as five are having their creative confidence stifled.

At this young age, three quarters (76%) feel confident in their creativity, but this declines as they get older and two-thirds of all girls often feel worried to share their ideas. This is compounded by the burden of perfectionism and anxiety about making mistakes (72%). Parents agree – 71 percent say girls are more likely to hold back developing their ideas, because of these pressures.

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