LEGO® Ideas has launched a new contest to help create a future LEGO Ideas set. The theme for this contest is to create a set inspired by a classic 80s TV or film. There are a few guidelines which must be followed, including only using allowed IPs which can be found using the LEGO Ideas IP checker tool. It must also not be based on an IP that has been a previous LEGO set. The winning entry will become a future LEGO Ideas set and the fan designer will get all the usual perks from having their design become a set along with copies of 21314: Tron LEGACY, 21328: Seinfeld and 10300: Back to the Future Time Machine. Learn more below.

LEGO Ideas 80s

If We Could Turn Back Time!

We’re talking leg warmers and big hair: this challenge is all about the 80s!

Regardless of if you were around in the 80s or not, there are so many iconic TV shows and films from that era. With a huge amount of nostalgia, could you build submissions that celebrate these shows and films using good old LEGO bricks?

There must be a retro show or film you love from that era that inspires you. A cult classic, something from your childhood, or an old-school action-packed adventure!

Contest closes on April 9th, 2024. Please Read Full Terms and Conditions on the LEGO Ideas Contests Website

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