It wasn’t that long ago that the term LEGO® Games, basically meant whatever TT Games were developing. But things have changed greatly in the last few years. LEGO Games is now an important aspect of the overall LEGO ecosystem and it expands far beyond WB Games output. Since the excessive delays to TT Games’ LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the license to use LEGO IPs in video games has been offered to several different developers. What could we expect to be playing over the next few years? Here’s everything known to be coming from LEGO Games and development partners.

TT Games

One of the main architects of LEGO video games is the UK studio, TT Games. Their titles, based on popular franchises gave LEGO Games their look and humour. Unfortunately, the delays to The Skywalker Saga and reportedly poor working conditions saw many of the original developers leave TT Games. Since the release of The Skywalker Saga, TT Games’ future plans have yet to be revealed. Rumours suggested they were due to announce a new LEGO Harry Potter game in a similar style to The Skywalker Saga. Nothing has happened since then. Job listings suggest they are still working on LEGO games, with the next title unsurprisingly being an “exciting new LEGO game based on a major IP”.

Light Brick Studio

Light Brick Studio was set up as an internal game developer within the LEGO Group but has since become independent. Their first title, LEGO Builder’s Journey, was well received and although they are no longer a part of the LEGO Group, it’s understood they will continue to create LEGO experiences. They have yet to reveal their next project but it’s something they have been working on since the development of LEGO Builder’s Journey was complete.

2K Games

Before 2K Games released their first LEGO title, it was reported they were working on three different LEGO games. The first was LEGO 2K Drive, which is still set to get further DLC and Season Pass content. One of the other two titles is ‘LEGO 2K Goooal’, a football (or soccer) game featuring minifigures players. Rumours suggest it could be revealed next month before finally being released in June, alongside the Euro 2024 tournement.

LEGO Fortnite

Epic Games’ Fortnite introduced a LEGO expansion earlier this year and it’s now LEGO Fortnite is a permanent part of the ever-evolving live service game. As well as new content being added to the brick-based survival part of LEGO Fortnite, additional experiences will be added using the LEGO Island UEFN platform. Joining the recently released LEGO Raft Survival and LEGO Obby will be content inspired by popular game modes along with various LEGO themes and characters.

 Mobile Games

Despite a big push to create LEGO experiences for mobile, many of the apps and games created for smart devices have long been abandoned. Suggesting the LEGO Group’s shifted focus from creating bite-sized companion games. The only LEGO title set to come to mobiles is LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, which was first revealed over a year ago and has yet to get a global release.

Beyond digital LEGO Games, physical LEGO products continue to source inspiration from the world of gaming. The first sets are based on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series which will be released on March 1st. There will also be further LEGO Super Mario sets released throughout 2024, including new Starter Packs. The partnership with SEGA will see more Sonic sets released including a possible link-up with the third Sonic movie. Plus rumours of a Legend of Zelda set continue.

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