Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day has been celebrated over the years with various LEGO® sets. As it’s February 14th, it’s the perfect time to look at how the LEGO Group celebrated the day of love. Some earlier love-filled seasonal sets, such as a buildable heart, Valentine’s Day card and gift box, were quite basic. these sorts of sets inhabited polybags and were often promotional sets.

LEGO Valentine's Early Sets

For a few years, seasonal sets followed a similar theme of buildable animals. These included a couple of ‘cuddly’ bears and even a little puppy. These made great companion pieces for other holiday celebrations such as Easter and Christmas, as the builds followed a similar format.

LEGO Valentine's Animals

The same could be said about these minifigure-based scenes. Other seasonal sets released in the same year followed a similar style build. These romantic scenes are only a couple of sets to feature minifigures, which is quite surprising. They are also some of the most colourful Valentine’s Day sets.

LEGO Valentine's Minifigure Scenes

Last year’s Valentine’s Day set was very different to anything which came before it. The Heart ornament, as the name suggests, features a heart-shaped hanging sign and it could be customised with the various flower and heart accessories. The set is still available and wouldn’t look out of place next to the various Botanical sets.


For 2024, the Valentine’s Day set takes a leaf out of some of the previous sets and blends a buildable scene with cute little critters. Hedgehogs aren’t the most romantic of animals but they are the focus of the new Picnic Date. A cute scene, in which a pair of Hedgehogs are having a lovely day in the park.


Although no longer available, this month’s free GWP set was Valentine’s Day-themed and features a cute dog, peeking from within a buildable gift box. It’s unlikely to make a comeback as other GWP sets have but you may still be able to get one free from your local LEGO store.


The buildable plants and flowers of the Botanical Collection sets are an obvious choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, but the latest set to join the line-up will most likely be a part of the Valentine’s Day celebrations over the next few years. Red roses are as much a symbol of love as hearts are and the bouquet of a dozen LEGO ones will certainly last long beyond February 14th.


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