The Super Bowl means one thing, new movie trailers and we have been treated to a few. But one seems to have really excited the LEGO Group social media account. After Universal Pictures debuted the first trailer for Wicked, the LEGO Group’s Twitter/X account posted a message inspired by the Wicked soundtrack saying “Wonder if LEGO bricks could defy gravity…💚👀”. There was also a direct reply to the Wicked account mentioning the Emerald City. This begs the question – is there a LEGO® Wicked set on the way? It’s entirely possible the film could inspire a future Icons set, BrickHeadz or it could be the subject of one of the possible new themes set to be introduced this year. Plus the LEGO Group already has a great partnership with Universal, resulting in sets inspired by iconic movies such as Jurassic Park, Back to the Future and Minions along with the upcoming Jaws LEGO Ideas set.

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