It’s Fortnite refresh day and all of the various experiences within Fortnite have been updated, including LEGO® Fortnite. Many more of the in-game outfits have been given LEGO Styles, so if you already own these, check for their LEGO variants. Several other outfits have also had their LEGO Styles updated, if you prefer the less detailed versions, these will be available again next month. There’s a new way to get around the massive LEGO maps, with the addition of a Launch Pad, these can be combined with the Glider for a speedier way to move. There are plenty of other tweaks to weapons, in-game items, villages, enemies and more. Some tweaks and additions are listed below, you can see the full patch notes here. Just like Fortnite, the LEGO experience will also continue to be updated regularly.

LEGO Fortnite Launch Pad


As fun as it is useful, the Launch Pad is a Toy you can build to get somewhere fast. Place a Launch Pad on the ground, jump on it, then deploy a Glider! (You can craft a Glider with a Level 3 Crafting Bench.) For some extra fun, try putting a Launch Pad on a Dynamic Foundation.


We’ve seen a ton of amazing creations in LEGO® Fortnite already, and v28.10 makes creating even easier whether you’re piecing together a mountainside mansion, assembling a rocket-powered flying machine, or anything in between! Check out what’s changed:

  • Placing a build will now remove any small bushes, rocks, or plants that are in the way.
  • You can now more reliably place builds on slopes.
  • Want more Building Parts? A variety of new sizes and styles for Floors, Walls, and Roofs have been added so you can fill in gaps and have more options available!
  • You can now abandon a build in progress. This will leave any parts already placed and remove the blue preview parts so you can continue customizing your creation.
  • It’s now more obvious when you’re using Snap Mode, and we’ve added more snap points to Building Parts so that they lock together easier.


  • Bushranger, Rustler, and Tomatohead can now appear as potential Villagers to join your adventure!
  • Villages can now be instantly removed with the “Delete Village” option in the Village Square. This new option is available to the world owner and keyholders.
  • Don’t want a Villager in town anymore? You can now remove them by getting rid of their bed and then asking them to leave.


  • Chest rewards have been improved with better loot, especially those from fighting enemies and solving puzzles.
  • Blasters have wandered out of their caves and can be found in the desert, making Blast Cores easier to obtain.
  • Speaking of caves, Brutes have found their way into some — be careful down there!
  • Hermit Crabs now attack your Villagers, and they attack back!
  • You can now get rid of any unwanted items, like a Skeleton’s pickaxe ;), by throwing them in a Campfire.
  • We’ve added a legend to the map to show players’ respawn and backpack locations.

LEGO Styles v28

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