The countdown to Christmas concludes and it’s time for one final look at which LEGO® goodies we are treated to from Christmas Eve’s doors. There are five LEGO Advent Calendars, each filled with a selection of minibuilds, minifigures or mini-dolls. Each day I’ll be sharing the goodies behind each door as we build up to the countdown to Christmas. I’ll leave it until late each day so the surprise isn’t ruined. So let’s see what’s behind door number 24 of the LEGO City, LEGO Friends, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Harry Potter and the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendars. Today’s offerings bring a close to this year’s LEGO Advent Calendars and it’s been a mixed bag. We’ve had some interesting builds, a couple of great unique minifigures and a lot of pets. The Harry Potter Advent Calendar has been the biggest letdown.

LEGO Advent City 2023 Day 24

LEGO Advent Friends 2023 Day 24

LEGO Advent Star Wars 2023 Day 24

LEGO Advent Potter 2023 Day 24

LEGO Advent Marvel 2023 Day 24

The final slot of the LEGO Employee Gift Gingerbread Advent gifts us a mini festive Christmas Tree.

4002023 Dat24

The LEGO Group provided some sets, upon request, for this feature.

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