Later today, the Big Bang event will occur in Fortnite and with it will come some form of crossover with the LEGO Group. The teasing began with a brick-built version of the Supply Llama being shared on the LEGO® social media channels and on the lobby screen in-game. The ability to link your LEGO account to your Epic Games account was also launched earlier this week. Now has been updated with a Fortnite tab featuring a minifigure version of Cuddle Team Leader. Exactly what this partnership will result in has yet to be revealed but there will definitely be LEGO-themed in-game content and possibly a unique LEGO game mode. It’s not clear if there will also be physical products based on characters, locations and vehicles from the game. The Fortnite Big Bang event will begin in-game at 7pm Saturday UK time.

LEGO Fortnite Cuddle

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