UK animation studio, Aardman Animations is best known for its wonderful short film and big-screen adventures. But they have also been putting those skills to use in order to create TV ads for a number of iconic brands. This year, Aardman Animation is celebrating an impressive 40 years of creating TV adverts and you may be surprised to know that includes one for the LEGO Group. Back in 1989, the much-loved LEGO® Pirates theme first set sail and to promote the theme’s sets, Aardman Animation was tasked with creating a short advert. In the ad, two brick-built characters are formed and battle with LEGO Pirates sets. The full stop-motion advert is included below and appears to use LEGO elements to bring these characters to life, which isn’t easy to do. I vaguely remember the advert but must admit I didn’t realise Aardman created it, in fact, the celebration reel of their work features many iconic ads I have fond memories of but didn’t connect them to Aardman.


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