Over the weekend the world’s largest certified LEGO® Store opened its doors in the heart of Sydney. The store has been created by the LEGO Group in partnership with Alquemie Group but includes all the usual features you’d find in a LEGO store such as a Pick & Build Wall, Minifigure Factory and a number of large-scale LEGO big builds. The store is far bigger than the Leicester Square store, which is still technically the world’s largest LEGO brand store.

LEGO Store Syndey

The LEGO Group, in partnership with Alquemie Group, today unveiled the world’s largest LEGO® store

Sydney, November 14, 2023: The LEGO Group, in partnership with Alquemie Group, today unveiled the world’s largest LEGO® store.

Situated at Sydney Arcade, overlooking Pitt Street Mall in the heart of Sydney, the impressive 900sqm store spans two levels to create a new record for the largest LEGO store globally.

The landmark store includes the first LEGO Minifigure Factory in Australia, plus custom built large format brick features which draw inspiration from local icons and architecture, such as:

Sydney Harbour Bridge: with 549,378 bricks and taking 3,630 hours to build, this model draws inspiration from the 1920s and 30s when the original bridge was constructed. Signature features include iconic animals such as ‘Bridget’ one of the many white cats who used to live on the bridge during the 50s, ‘Jerry Chip Seagull’ and ‘Alf’ the native pink galah – in addition to ‘Erika’ the rope holder and ‘Johnny’ the worker reaching for a sneaky cupcake. Sydney Opera House Mosaic: including 303,719 bricks and taking 1,058 hours to build, with a special ‘mystery brick’ for brick fans to try and locate!

LEGO Store Syndey

Rainbow Gum Tree: with 183,394 bricks and taking 1,271 hours to build, this incredible model stretches from the lower floor to second floor of the building and features all native Australian animals.

Troy Taylor, Vice President and General Manager, LEGO Australia and New Zealand comments: “It’s a great privilege to open the world’s largest LEGO Store in Sydney. “With immersive features, creative play experiences and playful nods to culture, Sydney’s new store will give LEGO fans of all ages the chance to discover a wide range of LEGO products and exciting digital and physical experiences.

LEGO Store Syndey

“We hope the new store contributes to the LEGO Group’s global mission of inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow, whilst creating special memories for every fan who visits.”

Richard Facioni, Executive Chairman, Alquemie Group, adds: “This world class retail offering creates a new landmark for local families and LEGO fans from around the world. “We invite fans to step into a world beyond their imagination, including brick-built playful nods to Australian culture and inspiring, interactive experiences.”

LEGO Store Syndey

The world’s largest LEGO Store also features leading LEGO retail experiences:

  • Minifigure Factory: Customers can create and customise their own LEGO Minifigure and then watch it being printed in the store.
  • Storytelling Table: LEGO fans can go behind-the-scenes of the LEGO design process with a new storytelling table including interactive areas that allow access ‘behind-the scenes’ through interviews and videos displayed on screens;
  • Pick and Build Wall: an enormous signature brick experience where visitors select the exact LEGO brick elements required to create personalised builds;
  • Hands-on play opportunities: including a LEGO play wall and free LEGO build challenges and in-store events every month;
  • Brick Specialists: whether visitors are picking out a gift, looking for the latest set or bringing a LEGO fan in for a special treat, Brick Specialists can help find the perfect LEGO set.

The new LEGO Store Sydney is located at Sydney Arcade, overlooking Pitt Street Mall.

LEGO Store Syndey

LEGO Store Syndey

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