Probably The Most Hype LEGO® Set To Ever Be Leaked Since The Invention Of The Toaster Oven

All but confirmed, Reddit gave birth to another masterful leak: LEGO® 75389 The Dark Falcon. This set comes in the wake of the news of the LEGO® Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy show, which is an upcoming four-part LEGO® Star Wars miniseries set for release on September 13, 2024, on Disney+. The incredible toy group is poised to set the stage for some insane sets with high investment and collectibility potential — it appears this will be a full-blown LEGO® theme!

The LEGO® Dark Falcon Leak

In The Darkness, Only Ambition

It looks like this set is setting us into hyperdrive with 1,579 pieces — easily a good 3 hours of build time. The Darkside Millenium Falcon is fully decked out in a LEGO® Kylo Ren Tie Interceptor color scheme, with the Outrigger cockpit glistening with a transparent-red glass piece. Of course, it looks like we will get some real playability action with green laser cannons reminiscent of the Imperial LEGO® fleet.

Brand New Minifigures From Coveted Characters:

We have the following LEGO® minifigures with outstanding color and LEGO® printing:

  • Beach Luke
  • Jedi Vader (All white suit?!)
  • Bounty Hunter C-3PO (With red eyes, like in The Rise of Skywalker)
  • Darth Dev
  • Darth Jar Jar (Finally!)
  • Darth Rey
Close Up of The Dark Falcon Minifigures

And yes, I will buy multiples of this set due to the outrageously cool minifigures. And we all knew it was Darth Jar Jar all along…

Okay, So When Is This Dropping And How Much For The Set?!

It looks like we are set for an August 1st, 2024 launch. This makes sense due to the launch of LEGO® Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy, which comes out mid-September. Unfortunately, initial web crawls and internet sleuths think this set will have a hefty price tag—$179.99.

I’m not going to lie—that’s a pretty dark-sided price tag. For 1,379 pieces, you are paying for the design and the collectible LEGO® Sith minifigures. Let’s be honest, it is expensive but every single one of us LEGO®-crazed fans is still going to buy this!

Certified Baumlinks buy. Take my money. Good day.

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