With Shadow Of The Erdtree Just A Few Weeks Away, It Might Be Fun To Dabble In Creating Your Own Elden Ring LEGO® MOCs

We will dial the fun, silliness, and craze of Elden Ring up to 11 in this quick, how-to guide for creating authentic LEGO® Elden Ring minifigures at home.

What is Elden Ring? It is an incredible, challenging, beautiful, and rewarding FromSoftware video game that has taken the internet by storm. Considering you have to be a devoted nerd like me to like Elden Ring, there is a chance you might like LEGO® and making LEGO® MOCs as well! I will break this down into what you need, how to find inspiration, and how you can expand upon this idea.

The LEGO® Bricks, Pieces, And Accessories You Will Need For Elden Ring-Esque MOCs

So far, my greatest success with making Elden Ring LEGO® minifigures has come from gathering LEGO® pieces from the following themes:

  • NINJAGO (Samurai class)
  • LEGO® Icons (For knights/armor)
  • LEGO® Batman (For capes)
  • LEGO® Marvel (Black Panther claws for hook claws)
  • LEGO® CMF (Collectible Minifigures have excellent accessories)

By stringing together pieces from all of these lines, you can begin to create your Tarnished LEGO®. Be sure to make your character look as ridiculously as possible to match the aesthetic of the game!

A Fun LEGO® Elden Ring Custom Minifigure Next To A Site Of Grace

How To Get Inspiration For Your LEGO® Elden Ring Character Builds

If you want to build your own custom LEGO® minifigure, you will need to draw your inspiration from forums, communities, and builds within the platform. I had my character pulled up on screen for some of these to build them.

Another excellent example of one of these mediums to draw inspiration from comes from Reddit, where this forum has multiple images of LEGO® Elden Ring minifigures built and constructed from plastic bricks. People love to show off their nerd, so joining one of these communities and posting your Elden Ring CMF pictures will get you feedback, ideas, and a ton of love.

Stepping Into The Craze And Expanding Custom Elden Ring LEGO®

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree drops on all platforms on June 21st. Partner with Miquella and with your imagination to create incredible custom minifigures to showcase around your house and community forms. If I were to expand upon this idea, or have additional time/capital to devote to this craft, I might invest in a 3D printer or two to make custom LEGO® Elden Ring weapons to make this even more authentic. Have fun out there, save your runes, and get ready to roll back into the lands between!

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