Aragog Is A Fantastic Creature That Subtly And Elegantly Joins The Lineup Of Summer LEGO® Releases

LEGO® Harry Potter is one of the greatest themes LEGO® has released to the masses and routinely comes out with a metric ton of sets that fly like magical broomsticks off the shelves. From the compendium of Harry Potter books to ferocious Hungarian Horntail dragons, this theme does not disappoint.

LEGO® 76434, Aragog In The Forbidden Forest, is a lovely addition laden with as much detail as a spider’s web and priced at an affordable $19.99. Let’s find out why this set is worth having in your LEGO® collection!

The Design Is Phenomenal And Simple And Captures Aragog In LEGO® Form

Let’s break this down into the design, the build, and the minifigures.

For starters, with the color scheme and the new, menacing face on Aragog, you get a design that more closely resembles the large spider in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. If you remember, Hagrid was expelled and blamed for the students’ demise by the Basilisk — while Aragog was banished to the Forbidden Forest. This Aragog more closely matches the one on-screen who craves a Harry and Ron snack!

The Build Of LEGO® 76434 Aragog In The Forbidden Forest

At $19.99, I think this is a reasonably priced set with 195 pieces. It is very straightforward and comes together easily, and now there is a viral trend of placing this Aragog spider around the house. He does look like a real spider with his coloring at 5 feet out. Plus, he is palm-sized at this scale, so he looks like a Tarantula or Brown Recluse — frightening! I wish Aragog or the little spider figures had a bit more webbing with them. Some accessories from the LEGO® Spider-Man theme, like those white-rodded ropes, might have added more playability to the figure. Overall, it is still a satisfying and quaint build that will take you 1.5 hours to complete!

Like Most LEGO® Sets, The True Highlight Is The Minifigures

The LEGO® Harry Potter and Ron Weasley minifigures are hysterical. I think we all remember how scared the kids were when they saw Aragog in the Forbidden Forest. Their faces have exceptional LEGO® printing that showcases those iconic looks from the movies—the minifigures look ready to sprint away from the set!

While the leg pieces are bare on both minifigures, they have the short stature to match the wizards in kid form. Plus, the printing on the upper torsos now exactly matches what you see in the movies. If you are a LEGO® minifigure collector, these two Harry Potter minifigs must be in your collection.

Parting Thoughts On The New Aragog Set

Set 76434 features a scarier, more colorful, poseable Aragog accompanied by two exceptional LEGO® minifigures. Due to its price, piece count, and design, this set is a certified Baumlinks buy. Build it in under two hours, place Aragog around your home, and play some pranks on family and friends with this multi-faceted set!

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