The Real Question Is: Why Are You Putting These Two Things Together?

My old, dusty, broken, and cheap friend, Mega Bloks, why have you returned to public discourse? If you have found yourself here to ask if these two toys, LEGO® and Mega Bloks, can fit together, the answer is yes; these toys are compatible.

Please Don’t Put Them Together

Let’s be honest; it’s an unholy match. Nothing bad will happen but Mega Bloks are pretty…meh…medicore at best. Mega Bloks were the original knock-off LEGO®. I don’t think any real LEGO® fan will forgive them for the stuff they tried to pull copying the one true brick.

Okay, but enough roasting. You might be putting them together because you have a creation you are working on putting together. On my TikTok page, many people comment that the Halo Mega Bloks sets were elite. However, I won’t touch the stuff with a ten-foot pole.

It’s not that I don’t like the design. The quality is horrific. They disintegrate just sitting in your LEGO® bins.

Let’s Go Over The Truth Of Mega Bloks

LEGO® tried, unsuccessfully, to sue Mega Bloks back in 2005 for its infringement on the design of its bricks. The Canadian Supreme Court allowed Mega Bloks to continue its functions — however, Mega Bloks changed after that time period and were built…oddly. I think, most likely, to avoid copyright infringement. The quality of proto-Mega Bloks was awful after that period. The sizing of studs and holes wasn’t right. Minifigs fell apart and couldn’t stand. When you tried to piece bricks together, they popped apart.

The fact that these bricks are even remotely compatible is a testament to the fact that Mega Bloks is a copy of LEGO®. While Mega Bloks product has improved, its LEGO® compatible legacy is like Elden Ring: forever tarnished!

If Mega Bloks Is Still Around, Where Can I Purchase Them To Combine With LEGO®…For Science?

Mega Bloks is notorious for fumbling the bag. They are still functioning and around. However, their distribution and marketing are nowhere near where they used to be. Looking for Mega Bloks is harder than looking for retired LEGO® sets. The Canadian Blok company, now owned through Mattel, is coming out with a Pokemon-themed line for the foreseeable future. Have you not heard about it?

You have not heard about it. The brand recognition and spread is not there. If you need Mega Bloks, the best place to look would be Walmart or eBay. It is silly because the demand is still there, hence the prices on eBay, but Mega Bloks refuses to distribute their toys more effectively.

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