Never To Be Made Again, These Orange-Hue LEGO® Gundabad Orc Minifigures Are Masterfully Printed

In the bombastic universe of elite LEGO® themes, where each LOTR set brings to life a slice of Peter Jackson cinema, some stand out for their intricate detail and niche appeal. Contained within these special sets are the LEGO® Gundabad Orcs, inspired by the formidable bloodline of orcs from The Hobbit films. You will remember these orcs as chasing Bilbo around the map, There and Back Again. Sometimes, they even rode Wargs!

Located at the northern end of the Misty Mountains in Middle Earth, the Gundabad region is notorious for its fierce Orc warriors who followed Azog the Defiler and Bolg into battle.

This review will bring you into the niche world of LOTR LEGO® with these uniquely crafted minifigures, examining why they captivate collectors and command a higher price tag on online secondary markets. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works or a LEGO® LOTR collector looking for the next great addition to your shelves, you will still like to take a peak at what makes these minifigures pop out from the movie screen and onto your LEGO® MOC.

Location Of Gundabad On Map Of Middle Earth

LEGO® Always Comes Through With Amazingly Printed LOTR Minifigs

The Gundabad Orcs from LEGO® The Hobbit series are a testament to LEGO® outrageous printing quality on their minifigures, despite their origins in a lesser-known part of the Tolkien universe. These minifigures, totaling five uniquely printed Lord of the Rings orcs, bring menacing features, brown shoulder pauldrons, and an orange coloring not seen anywhere else in LEGO® Lord of the Rings minifigures.

The standard Gundabad Orc features not only a bald head but also boasts meticulously detailed printing on the torso and legs, which was a part of the new era of LEGO® printing which incorporated fine-led printing for minifigures. More distinct are the LEGO® orcs with a specialized shoulder plate adorned with four white spikes—a design choice that matches the Peter Jackson portrayals in the movie. Also, there are a few minifigures with a special headpiece that has orange ears and black hair.

They have a fierce demeanor, which makes these minifigs a standout piece on your shelves. Additionally, the collection includes an orc with a striking white face and forehead paint, adding a layer of tribal intensity to its appearance. Much like contemporary anthropological cultures, the face paint routinely distinguishes these special Orcs as Gundabad orcs—frightening Sauron loyalists.

More than just LEGO® aesthetic, these molded minifigures speak to the lore of the Gundabad Orcs, reputed in Middle Earth for their strength and rugged survival skills honed in the harsh environment of the Misty Mountains. You can feel their toughness in the design.

LEGO® Gundabad Orc Minifigure Bald
LEGO® Gundabad Orc Minifigure Spiked Pauldrons

To Collect Or Not To Collect: What Makes These Hobbit LEGO® Minifigures Expensive

Beyond their striking appearances, the uniqueness of the LEGO Gundabad Orcs extends into their rarity and market value, which can be a significant consideration for collectors of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit LEGO® themes. As we know, LOTR LEGO® minifigures make these sets expensive!

These orcs, have prices currently ranging from $7 to $20 depending on condition and rarity. They are definitely up there in pricing for standard and retired LEGO® minifigs. This cost reflects their standalone prints and the limited nature of their production, primarily associated with The Hobbit series sets, which is a discontinued LEGO® theme.

What makes these minifigures particularly special is their aesthetic appeal and their distinctive elements. The orange hue appears to be a specialty print for the LEGO® theme, and the brown-tinged hand pieces match the orcs’ portrayal in the films. The specialized, ABS plastic-molded shoulder pieces, with their sharp spikes, are a nod to the gruffly crafted armor seen in The Hobbit, augmenting the authenticity of these minifigures.

While most die-hard collectors would immediately pounce on these in the Facebook Marketplace, the demand for these orcs isn’t as high as more mainstream Lord of the Rings sets and minifigures, largely because The Hobbit films—and consequently the LEGO® sets released—didn’t achieve the same level of cultural prominence. We all know the Lord of the Rings movies. They won 11 Oscars—how many did The Hobbit Film Series win?

You are left with an interesting LEGO® investing market situation: These are minifigures that are treasured by the dedication of hardcore LOTR fans rather than widespread popularity.

If You Want Them, You Can Find The LEGO® Gundabad Orcs Deep On The Internet

The LEGO® Gundabad Orcs embody a book-worthy blend of artistic craftsmanship and collector allure, stemming from their rich backstory in The Hobbit universe and their menacing face-printing. While they may carry a heftier price tag compared to other LEGO® minifigures, their value is evident in the quality of their ABS-plastic mold and the one-of-a-kind facial printings.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s lore, a LEGO® minifigure collector, or a fan of the series, the Gundabad Orcs are a worthy addition to any nerd’s shelves. If you’re inclined to indulge in the finer details of LEGO® minifigure collecting, investing in these orcs could be a ton of fun. May your internet searches get you closer to Sauron and building an army worthy of Mordor!

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