A Rumor Now Has A Full Picture Available, And A New Leak Is Your Journey To The Moon

*Screams in patriotism, LEGO® fandom, and booms* Let’s go! This excellent set joins the lineup of sets past, like the Saturn V LEGO® set.

LEGO® has an exceptional track record of creating NASA sets that emulate the real rockets. Do yourself a favor and get yourself in the mood for this review by watching the SLS rocket launch the craft into orbit

Before we get to the build, the rumors, and the fanatics, let’s learn just a little about the Artemis Missions. NASA is launching these rockets to send us back to the freaking Moon.

The LEGO® Icons NASA Artemis Space Launch System

What The Heck Are The Artemis Missions?

The missions enter their critical stages in 2025. We begin the first crewed mission in 2026, with a lunar landing of NASA astronauts in September 2026. This craft consists of the SLS rocket and the Orion Spacecraft.

The SLS rocket, also known as the Space Launch System megarocket, is 212 feet tall and 27.5 feet in diameter and generates 24,750 pounds of thrust, which is 15% more than the Saturn V Rocket.

The Orion Spacecraft, located at the tip of the entire rocket, is a module equipped to take four humans further than any other NASA-manned mission has ever gone before. It will safely transport the astronauts (we’re back, baby) to the Moon and back.

But What About How Dope 10341 Is Going To Be To Build?!

Oh boy. LEGO® Icons sets have done it again. LEGO® has done it again. The countdown to awesome has begun.

It looks like it stands tall — we are talking 2 feet tall from the photo. And it comes with a whopping 3,601 pieces, which means it will take you a few hours, maybe even a full day or two, to complete it entirely. You can tell from the leaked image that it is riddled with details — the cross-baring on the launch mount is incredible (the launch mount is the metal that supports the rocket’s launch). It doesn’t have any minifigures…but who cares!

This thing is sick. Looks like the LEGO® designers put their NASA engineer hats on and went to work!

The Benefit For Your LEGO® Investment Portfolio

This is easy. All the kids right now watching this launch will not have the money to buy this. But in 10 years? 15 years? Those kids watching these new lunar missions will 100% want this rocket. These missions are going to send kids to school emboldened, passionately educating themselves to become NASA scientists. Decades down the line, they will want to buy this set, for a premium, from you!

What Are People On Forums Saying About The Leaked LEGO® Icons Artemis Space Launch System 10341?

We are looking at a retail of $259.99 — as one user put it, “LEGO® why are you taking my money?!” I can’t blame him, I feel the same way! I am most likely going to buy two or three of these sets…sorry honey, the house can wait.

While users complain that it looks a bit “boring” on the outside, there is not much you can do about interconnected smooth tubing. The real fun here will lie in the inside details following its release on May 15th, 2024.

Get yourself lined up and ready to launch your bank account into orbit!

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