These Rolly Bois Were Feared By The Jedi Themselves And The LEGO® Builds Do Them Justice!

Droidekas were designed with one purpose: To absolutely destroy anything in their path. Anytime you saw these guys roll on screen, you knew it was about to go down. Unless, you were Anakin Skywalker and melted them in a Naboo Starfighter.

These Droidekas were very unlike the typical sort you would see in your typical LEGO® Droid Army, but were an integral droid variant in the Star Wars Separatist forces. These models do without the normal, humanoid modeling of their B1 counterparts to bring you a spinning ball of doom captured perfectly in pure LEGO® form. If you get further into this post, I will show you how to get your hands on a few models!

LEGO® Droideka Set 911840 Foil Pack

From My Own Collection And One Of My Favorite Models, The LEGO® Star Wars Droideka 911480 Foil Pack Is Stellar

For starters, and from my own LEGO® polybag vault, the LEGO® Droideka foil pack set 911480 is awesome.

With 24 pieces, this will take you two minutes to assemble. Honestly, the biggest con of this set makes it the most fun: It doesn’t come with directions, so you are going to have to use the picture on the front of the foil pack to put it together (pro tip, don’t rip up the foil bag). In new condition and sealed, this guy is going to run you anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00.

The build itself is simple but good enough! It accurately resembles a Droideka. While it is not as articulated as other models, it stands just fine on its own!

LEGO® Droideka Foil Pack Assembled Front View 911840
LEGO® Droideka Assembled Foil Pack Side View 911840

The Best Model: LEGO® SW0441A – Droideka Flat Silver Arms

This LEGO® Star Wars Droideka variant comes from an incredible Star Wars Battle Pack-esque set: LEGO® Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon 75045. This set came with a detailed Kit Fisto, two WolfPack Clone Troopers, and a variant of the Droideka not seen in any other set (the one picture here). The OG AV-7 cannon set that appeared in 2014 had four unique minifigures in total, and for that reason, the set is wicked expensive today).

What sets this Droideka model apart is the detailing: In terms of other LEGO® builds, this one is rounder and more reminiscent of the on-screen Droideka. The silver arms and rounded, red-bulb for an optical visor make this thing look authentic.

However, even if you ball it up, it still doesn’t roll! Luckily, this version, although rare, is not a rare LEGO® minifigure. So, expect only to spend $10-$15 for each model you buy!

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The Coolest Variant: The LEGO® Star Wars Sniper Droideka SW0447

This one is awesome in two ways: it fulfills its purpose as a LEGO® Droideka build and is a variant of the Droideka droid itself. This Separatist Army variant was equipped with one powerful heavy blaster designed for urban warfare, forgoing the usual dual-blaster cannons for taking on legions of Clone Troopers.

LEGO® does a fine job of recreating this model. This one is not as detailed and doesn’t actually roll, but the solo grey bar that acts as the heavy blaster is a wonderful touch!

Like the other builds, this one has a handful of pieces and takes well under 2-3 minutes to build. In terms of expense, it came in only one set, the LEGO® Star Wars AT-RT 75002, so you will have to spend anywhere from $5-$30 to get your hands on a used or new one (respectively).

Like the LEGO® Droideka 911480 and the LEGO® SW0441A variant, the LEGO® Sniper Droideka Variant stands easily by itself. It is readily equipped to take on any LEGO® Clone Trooper Army MOC you might build!

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Retro Droids, Really Cool Builds, But A Premium

Truthfully, I like a lot of the LEGO® Star Wars droid builds because they are ridden with Prequel Trilogy levels of nostalgia. Pair any of these LEGO® Droidekas with a LEGO® Sith Lord like Darth Maul, and you will find yourself recreating a MOC from the Phantom Menace.

The biggest highlights from these models are their ability to stand independently, the level of detail in just a handful of pieces, and the premiums you will have to pay (again, worth the cost for seasoned collectors). If you are a LEGO® Investor, I might not snag these for future resale value — many have plateaued in value.

As a LEGO® Collector? You can easily purchase these off Amazon and have them delivered right to your house. All these models are easily a Baumlinks buy!

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