LEGO® will never go out of business because the toy manufacturer has done something most companies spend decades trying to achieve: An immortal product.

Few companies can create a product that either 1) dynamically changes on the spot for the user (think Google Search) or 2) Is so useful and potent, that it remains throughout the ages (think toothbrushes and LEGO®). LEGO® continues to remain a private company and this allows the company to stay true to its product.

A Fun Interpretative Image Of LEGO® Minifigures Conducting Business

LEGO® Growth Continues To Be Outrageous

LEGO® has continued to produce close to 60 billion LEGO® bricks per year. The Baumlinks Brickcounter is already close to 423,000,000,000 LEGO® bricks and rising. A company only produces that many pieces of LEGO® if there is a demand in the world for them and the demand keeps rising! The company will never go out of business because the consumer will never let that happen to LEGO®. The toy is immortal and engrained in our culture.

Has LEGO® Ever Experienced Decline?

Actually, according to news reports, LEGO® has had instances of tough economic growth. For LEGO®, the turn of the century in the early 2000s represented difficult times for the company. In the 2000s, sales plummeted most likely due to the dotcom crash when many emerging entities on the internet saw their share prices steeply decline. However, even with the debt LEGO® accumulated in the early 2000s, the company was able to perform a complete pivot and rally to grow exponentially.

Right Now: Yes, toy companies saw a significant drop in retail sales at the end of 2023 due to fears of a recession and consumer spending dropping due to inflation. However, LEGO® is poised for another e-commerce renaissance and will experience another boon from 2024 – 2031.

Why LEGO® Will Continue To Grow And Never Go Out Of Business

This has to do in part with my SEO knowledge combined with what I know about LEGO®: Google has made adjustments to its algorithms to assign authority to institutions directly associated with an aforementioned topic. A lot of LEGO® news and product information is being consolidated into the LEGO® website, as it should be! While LEGO® has created a product that has conquered cultural relevance, it has also simultaneously created a website that has conquered the internet (plus, its digital marketing is on point).

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