Have you ever laid awake at night wondering if a single person at The Messenger knew SEO and liked LEGO®?

I have. I am. Perhaps, if they combined passion with SEO, they would’ve stayed liquid?

I know hundreds, maybe even thousands, of loyal, LEGO®-loving fans who have spent hours, days, weeks, years — a lifetime — building a LEGO® blog.

Some of us are great writers, and some, like me, are not great writers, but many of us are good enough writers. I promise that you are good enough to write about LEGO®.

In the snap of Thanos-esque algorithmic fingers, your web traffic to your LEGO® blog is gone. Welcome to Google, my friend! And now, for the next trick, I will give you the first-ever viable blog post on getting all your traffic back.

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Before We go Further, You Need To Know The History Of Current SEO News And My Credentials

I stumbled into SEO by accident. I was like a LEGO® Big Fig Hulk that fell into a gamma ray chamber. Except, this chamber was an office suite and four rounds of interviews — all because my wonderful fiancée told me this was the right move.

She was right. She has never been wrong. I found myself in digital marketing.

I have spent five years and hundreds of late nights staring into SERPs (that’s Google-speak for Search Engine Results pages), figuring out what makes content rise to the top.

I never thought I’d care about a subject so much: What makes Google Search tick?

Every night, echoes of the Tron: Legacy quote by Jeff Bridges would play in my head, as I used a VPN to gaze at SERPs across the world:

The Grid
A digital frontier
I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer
What did they look like? Ships? Motorcycles?
Were the circuits like freeways?
I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see
And then one day
I got in

In The Span Of Six Months, I built A LEGO® Blog From Scratch

Using the newly invented AI tools at our disposal, it ranked for a bit. But, and justly so, I have lost much of my footing on SERPs. But…I am regaining my rankings back with a simple strategy and SEO so forward that you probably forgot the answer was right under your nose. It was right there, all this time.

We Need To Know What Has Been Happening On Google Search The Past 12 Months

In May of 2023, Google released a product that has been thoroughly tested for some time now: SGE.

This stands for the Search Generative Experience. It is a holistic user experience in which the user types in their query. With zero clicks, Google dynamically generates a factual, nuanced answer for the user. Think of it as ChatGPT-4 embedded at the top of Google. The amount of friction between the user and Google is so small that you could use it as a vacuum for aerospace testing. It has kinks, but boy, is it going to be seamless.

Fast-forward to 2024, and we are seeing the Search Generative Experience exit Google Labs and make its entrance onto your results pages — with or without your opting in. For further testing…

It’s Time The SEO For Your LEGO® Blog Pivoted

Google’s SEO works for the user, by the user, to make the user happy. The more time you spend enamored with Google, the more money Google makes. It’s a simple equation. So, why do so few follow it?

There is but one rule in SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a long game.

When your LEGO® blog slipped, it wasn’t because you lacked passion or stellar product reviews, it was because your mission lacked vision. This vision had to be introspective — into yourself and your LEGO® blog. Why are you writing about LEGO®?

Because you love LEGO®. So do users. Those users want your passion to spill out from your words to their mobile screens across the globe.

Google is adapting. So should your LEGO® blog, or any blog for that matter!

Here Is What You Can Do To Regain Your LEGO® Blog’s Rankings Using SEO And A Dash Of Decent Writing

While this is about regaining your LEGO® blog’s organic rankings, this framework can easily be adapted to any other type of blog. I will give you a five-point plan to get your rankings back.

Step One: Remove all ad sense from your website. You heard me. The user wants a clean experience. Find a way to seamlessly integrate affiliate links, or link to another one of your more lucrative blogs with ad sense. SEO requires a good user experience in 2024. If you want the water to flow to your tributaries, you first need to catch some water.

Step Two: Semantic SEO writing. What does that mean? It means writing that flows with SEO. So, if you want to write a post about how to fix your declining LEGO® blog’s traffic, you are going to have to get crafty with how you put that search phrase into your writing…if it even needs to be a search phrase at all!

Step Three: This leads to my third point of your action plan…predictive search phrase blogging analysis. It is not about what has been written (please stop aggregating content), but what needs to be written, or could be written about LEGO®. Or anything else you enjoy, really!

Extrapolate and combine search terms:

“How to make money from LEGO®?”

“How much are LEGO® minifigures worth?”

How to make money selling LEGO® minifigures?

All of that information was semantic, useful, and succinct. You get the point, yet?

Step Four: Issue yourself a cease and desist. Stop using AI to generate content. I have worked hands-on with LLMs, also known as, large language models. Do you know what they are? A parrot with the power of Google Search. Anything it writes has already been written by someone else. If you can’t find the answer on SGE, you should probably write about it. If the answer on SGE is lackluster, you should fill the gap with your LEGO® blog content.

Step Five: Content is the emperor. Content is king is antiquated. If you write good content, with good images (hopefully formatted in WebP), craft good sub-headings (), and your website is fast as hell, the traffic will follow. I promise.

Don’t flood the zone or write 60 articles about the same topic, and mild nuances about the aforementioned topic. Write one, extremely good article about the right topic. Build appropriate content silos.

If You Build It, They Will Come Back To Your LEGO® Blog

Don’t lose your spark. Continue to write informative, fun content about new LEGO® products and releases. Write from your soul. Write late at night. Follow up with some longer form content to keep your audience hooked and engaged.

They will stay, admiring what you built and, perhaps, providing you with enough money to keep food on the table and the lights on in your home. Happy building!

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