LEGO® Ideas 2014 Set Is Making A Resurgence On The Internet

The LEGO® Research Institute collectible set is seeing a big boost across the internet due to it being Women’s Day. Dr. Ellen Kooijman, a scientist and LEGO® community member, designed this set to increase the number and diversity of female characters for LEGO® minifigures. She knocked it out of the park.

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Why This Set Is So Incredible To Build

It is the second of its kind and is inherently uber-collectible. There is such an overlap between science nerds and LEGO® fans — when this first released in 2014, I was in high school and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! But, considering the design and overlap, it was sold out for weeks. I eventually found someone selling it for a markup on eBay, but it was well worth the cost. After roughly two months of looking for it, I did receive it and it still proudly sits displayed on my bookshelf.

With 165 pieces, it only took me a half hour to build. It’s small, but the feminine swag in this set is outstanding! You have three female scientists conducting experiments at their respective stations: astronomy, paleontology, and chemistry. When I built this set, I loved the layout of the chemistry station because the manner in which the lil’ glass LEGO® plastic vials were laid out was utterly perfect.

I went deep into math and science in high school. I kept these three properly displayed next to my hardcover, “Radioactive Substances,” by Marie Curie on my bookshelf. The book was written in 1904 and won her a freaking Nobel prize.

The little diorama I had was a testament to female empowerment, awesome LEGO®, and scientific achievement.

The Real Importance Of This Set On Women’s Day

LEGO® 21110: The Research Institute was the second of its kind as a LEGO® IDEAS model that was voted to be mass-produced. The turn of the century represents a pivotal point where we are seeking to empower women to enter STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Women are just as capable as men. We deserve diversity and enrichment in our STEM sector because it leads to the sharing of ideas, the discovery of new inventions, and the learning of the unknown workings of our universe — all things the LEGO® motto embodies.

Women have been immensely undervalued in the science field. I remember being shocked when I discovered Marie Curie’s work on Radium and Polonium set the framework for conventional radiation therapy for cancer treatment — and how few people knew this, myself included!?

Celebrate Women By Building LEGO®

Okay, sheepishly, this set is so freaking cool and yeah, it does have a ton of investment potential as a LEGO® set. When you see a boost today, you can expect to see a boost again further down the line. If you are able to get your hands on one, hold on to it, gift it to a friend, or build it for an epic LEGO® display!

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