Yeah, BD-1 Is Certainly A Different Kind Of Set, But Let’s Talk About Potential

This tiny droid made its Star Wars debut in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. While he is roughly the size of a cat, the droid matches his personality with a tiger’s bravery and set 75335 comes to bat with an excellent build.

BD-1 was designed as a companion droid, manufactured as a research and data assistant in your travels across the galaxy. As a LEGO® set, he will be a great companion for your Star Wars display!

A Smaller UCS Set With A Lot Of Big Benefits

With only 1,062 pieces, it’s easy to think this BD-1 build is a waste of an Ultimate Collector’s Series set. On the contrary, its blocky build, white and red coloring, and possibility make it feel quite authentic to the game and as a Star Wars droid. Here, the advanced building techniques employed to make the AT-ST legs are a unique and fun experience reminiscent of past LEGO® Star Wars builds! Overall, this takes about 2-3 hours max to complete, stands at over a foot tall (12.5 inches, or 31cm), comes with a tiny BD-1 minifigure, and a lovely blue plaque.

This makes a worthy addition to your General Grievous LEGO® collection display.

Is This Set Worth It As An Investment?

Honestly, I think it is for one reason: The BD-1 minifigure. Set 75335 was released in 2022 and retired in December 2023. The set came out with an MSRP of $99.99 but is already going for 10-20% more on third-party platforms. Plus, the BD-1 minifigure costs $15-$19 if it is sold new.

Usually, with a rare minifigure and that is never going to be printed again, you are going to get a set that is worth it somewhere down the line.

I will give set 75335 an 8/10 — definitely worth adding to your LEGO® investment portfolio!

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