LEGO® fans say it is a toss-up between 1975 and 1978! The first, little minifigs that ever came out were brought into production in 1975 but did not look like the minifigures we know today — they consisted of 4-5 parts and were nowhere near as poseable.

In 1978, we saw the creation of the classic, yellow LEGO® minifigure as a policeman in LEGO® set 600. This would be the framework and base for all LEGO® minifigures to come!

LEGO® Set 600 Courtesy of BrickEconomy With Police Car And First Minifigure
Courtesy Of BrickEconomy: LEGO® Set 600 With First-Ever Minifigure

Was This The First Set With LEGO® Minifigures?

Yes, it was the first! LEGO® set 600, known as Police Patrol, was the first set ever to introduce the LEGO® minifigure. It contained a total of 16 pieces and only 1 minifigure. Even with so few pieces, the age and rarity of the set have driven up the price: Most listings have this original, new-in-box (NIB) set listed anywhere from $800-$1,000!

A Simple Name, A Simple Minifigure

The LEGO® Police Officer has a standard name and standard item number: cop014s. I think it is funny to note that LEGO® put “cop” in the labeling structure for the minifigure!

This iconic LEGO® minifigure made its way into the Classic Town LEGO® Theme from 1978-1981. Now, although the set is rare, this minifigure is by no means rare. It was in mass production for three years as the beginning LEGO® minifig meaning all sets around this time contained this figure. You can easily find the black, yellow, torso-printed, and white-hat-wearing officer on third-party platforms going from $1.00-$4.00.

A Piece OF History For A Low Price

Honestly, as a LEGO® collector or LEGO® investor, I highly recommend getting your hands on this little guy and placing him in a minifigure display case. For under $5.00, you can hold onto a small part of massive LEGO® minifigure history!

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