These Are Highly Sought After Mini-Sets, Polybags, And Collectible Items Gifted From The LEGO® Store Or LEGO® Online Website If You Meet A Certain Purchasing Threshold

GWP, the coveted gift with purchase, is exactly what it sounds like, a small gift given to LEGO® consumers after they reach a certain threshold of spent money on LEGO®. For LEGO® collectors, these sets can be highly sought after and can be resold for a significant sum of money. However, that sum depends on what kind of GWP was offered at the time of the promotion…

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What Types Of GWP Are Offered To Purchasers?

There are medals, medallions, polybags, clothing, and small-scale sets that have all made their way into the treasure trove of LEGO® gift with purchase items. For example, the LEGO® 40712 Micro Rocket Launchpad GWP just ended on February 25th, 2024 and was given to anyone who spent greater than $200 on LEGO® purchases. But, my personal favorite was the LEGO® Collectible Death Star Coin which was provided as a GWP in May of 2023 for the 40th Anniversary – it looked like a LEGO® hologram from the LEGO® Star Wars video game franchise.

Are LEGO® Gifts With Purchase A Good Investment For Reselling?

Oh, absolutely! Gifts with purchases tend to really appreciate in price – and it makes sense.

These items are given with purchases over a certain threshold and are made in a limited supply. Furthermore, you received them for free with your purchase, so technically speaking, any money you make from reselling them is instant profit!

*Notable GWP Price Increases:*

5008162 LEGO® Star Wars Collectible Clone Wars E – MSRP was free when purchased with LEGO® UCS Venator – Now reselling for $80.00 on third-party platforms.

40600 LEGO® Disney 100 Years Celebration – MSRP was free when purchased with LEGO® Disney Castle or any purchase of Disney LEGO® sets over $100 – Now reselling for $30.00 on third-party platforms.

40583 LEGO® Houses of the World 1 – MSRP was free when purchased if you bought over $250.00 worth of LEGO® – Now reselling for $33.00 on third-party platforms.

Try To Get Your Hands On LEGO® GWPs When Possible

You can follow this typical LEGO® investing strategy before a GWP LEGO® set retires: Stock up on your LEGO® VIP Points, set a budget for what LEGO® sets you want to resell or add to your collection, combine this with a Double VIP Points day/time/promo, and ensure a GWP is being offered.

If you can align these four criteria for a stock-up session on a mass LEGO® purchasing session, you can get the most out of your collection, purchases, and LEGO® investments!

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